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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello (Again) and a #TBT!

So let's be honest - I failed at the teacher blog last year. I mean miserably failed. As in I think I posted a total of two times failed. So I guess blogging my first-year teaching experiences was just not meant to be. But you know what just might be in the cards? Blogging my second year of teaching first grade! So here's to hoping I stay on it this time around.

Back to School Countdown: Just 12 days until the new firsties arrive!

Thank goodness I finally have my new Erin Condren teacher planner! Let the color-coding begin!

Since we've already established I missed the boat (big time) on blogging throughout my first year of teaching, here's a mini-throwback Thursday post of some fun times with my *tear* now second graders!

First day of school - such babies!

 Having our first whole-class reward - s'mores and a movie!

 Goofs at our pj party.

Pumpkin patch field trip (too bad it was soooo cold!)

Birthday treat fun - I think this picture is just too cute for words :)

What we'd look like if we all had mustaches!

One of my final days with the kiddos at our field trip to an area state park. Definitely not the same kids who walked into my classroom back in August, but in the best way!